Kids Snack: “Dog Food”

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I was recently sent a recipe by my sweet niece Aubrey. Aubrey is 12 years-old and probably thinks it’s *totally* awesome to eat a snack that looks like something you would feed your dog. Well, I agree. So after making a few minor changes to the recipe in order to streamline the process, I ended up with this:
It IS awesome. And delicious! And vegan!

“Dog Food” Recipe (<-- click on title for printable version) First, collect your ingredients: 1 12.8oz box of rice cereal squares, 3/4 cup smooth peanut butter, 1 1/2 cups vegan chocolate chips, 2 cups of your go-to powdered sugar, and 2 three-foot-long sheets of wax paper laid out on your clean countertop. [caption id="attachment_426" align="alignnone" width="300"]dogfoodtreats2 This store-brand version of rice squares was cheap and had no milk ingredients.[/caption]

Then, melt together the chocolate and peanut butter over low heat in a small pan on the stovetop.

That'll make you start drooling like a dog!

That’ll make you start drooling like a dog!

While that’s gently melting, pour your cereal into one ginormous bowl or two large bowls. It’s a LOT of cereal and with stirring it gets really easy to make a mess if you have too much cereal in one bowl.
Once the mixture in the pan is melted through, pour it over the cereal and mix with a long-handled wooden spoon.
When all of the cereal appears to be evenly coated in the chocolate mixture, pour it out onto the wax paper in a single layer.
Dust the cereal with the powdered sugar. I find that this is easiest with an actual powdered sugar duster (which I have in the cupboard but forgot about when I got much more inventive with the sieve) or a fine-mesh sieve! Tap the sugar-filled sieve over the cereal to evenly coat. Use all of the sugar, even if the coating looks thick.
Once coated, pull up the sides of the wax paper to kind of “roll” the cereal around just a little to help coat all surfaces.
Pour back into the bowl to gently stir if you need to coat the powdered sugar more evenly.
Once evenly coated, you will have “dog food!”
We stored ours in a gallon-sized bag. If only half full, the bag can be used to shake the cereal around in to finish the sugar-coating process if that sounds easier than the bowl-stirring method.
If you wash your puppy dog’s bowl with soap and water really well, you can serve up this snack like I did so your children just stare at you for a moment wondering what to do. : )

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