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I always made my grandma’s recipe for hot cocoa. Tried and true, and loved by all, it contained cocoa powder, powdered sugar, and dry non-dairy (but chock full o’ chemicals) coffee creamer. Mix with hot milk or water and voilá! Grandma’s house in a cup.
That’s probably why it took me so long to overhaul hot cocoa after we started avoiding dairy. At first I just kept the recipe the same and added veggie milk instead of dairy milk. But even though the coffee creamer is “non-dairy,” it’s also incredibly “non-healthy.” And that weighed on me. So by and by I started just throwing some cocoa powder and granulated sugar under the hot veggie milk. Totally delicious, that sustained us for the last couple of years. Over that time, the sugar changed to unprocessed organic cane sugar and the (You Know The Brand Name) cocoa powder changed to Dutch-process, high fat cocoa. But after sharing a cup of chocolatey decadence with my mom yesterday afternoon during a frigid Colorado cold snap, I realized that although I tried to make everything in my life low in sugar, I was drinking a cup with a substantial amount of sugar in it every time the winter winds rolled in. This morning, I woke up with a mission: recreate hot chocolate to be a health food. Okay; a healthIER food.
So here is what I finally came up with in my quest, and let me tell you, I wouldn’t share this if I didn’t think that it TOTALLY worked. Simply, you mix a couple tablespoons of maple syrup with a teaspoon of Dutch process cocoa powder and stir in your favorite heated veggie milk (you’ll find that some work better than others, despite which one is normally your favorite) for utter winter day wonderment. Promise.
Find the printable recipe here.


I get my cocoa powder from Penzeys Spices. I started buying it for a fabulous chocolate cake recipe that swore if I used ANY other cocoa powder the cake wouldn’t work due to varying acid levels. I’ve been hooked ever since! My local Vitamin Cottage/Natural Grocers carries it now, too, after customer requests put it in the limelight.


Oh, baby. I get all warm and fuzzy inside just looking at all that chocolatey goodness! Make yourself a cup and guiltlessly enjoy every drop!



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